Tips To Secure Your WiFi Network – Who Is On My WiFi Review

Though routers come with their own security features, it is not impossible to hack into others’ routers. Once someone gains access to someone else’s wireless router, he or she can not only use their bandwidth but also gain access to the computers in the network, especially if it is a home network. Worst of all, they can use your WiFi for illegal purposes. There are some simple steps to secure your WiFi. We will also talk about a tool that lets you check who all are connected to your WiFi connection.

How to Secure your WiFi

The first thing someone encounters when he or she tries to log into your router is the router ID and password. You have to set it to something good. A random string would be good. Hard passwords are easy to create but tough to remember. You can use a password manager to generate a passcode for you, or you can create one on your own. If you are using a password manager, it would automatically fill in the credentials you need to enter the router page. The following explains how to change your router ID and password.

How to secure your WiFi

Change Password of Your Router

To log into your router, you need your router’s configuration pages. You have to type its IP address into a browser. The IP of the router is in most cases. If you cannot get into the router page using that IP, open command prompt window, and type ipconfig /all. Note down the IP address of the Gateway. Try typing in that address into the address bar of your browser. If that too does not work, call up your router’s customer care after checking your router manual to see if the address is mentioned there.

To change the password and ID of your router, you have to log in to your router. The default ID is admin on routers of many companies. The default password is blank. If it is not blank, it could be 1234 or 0000 as in the case of cellphones. It might also be password. Try using these passwords, including the blank one before calling up the router company’s customer care. You can also look into the router manual to see if the passcodes and ID are mentioned there.

WPA2 protocol

What kind of security do you have on your network at home? Look at your Wi-Fi settings. It could be unsecured or secured with WEP, WPA or WPA2. WPA is better than WEP, but WPA2 is best. Change your network security settings to WPA2.

Other Steps To Safeguard Your WiFi

Another password is required to connect to your router’s wireless connection. This is found under the Wireless (or relevant tab) of your router’s page in the browser. Make it strict too: non-guessable, a little long and include special characters. This is the password you enter after selecting a network under List of available wireless networks. Some people make it very easy to crack these passwords. I remember one neighbor having his name as SSID and his profession as his password. Don’t ever do that. Create a tough password and store it on something like your phone or Google Keep, etc.

Secure Your WiFi

While you are still on the router’s page in your browser, check its encryption type. If not already, select WPA2. Some other options show a combination of encryption methods. If WPA2 is not available separately, select WPA2-PSK. Save the configuration and log into your wireless connection to see if it is working. If not, downgrade the encryption type to WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK. That should solve the problem. Do not go for WEP as it is not very protective.

Who Is On My WiFi

Though you can check it through the Computer window, we recommend using a free tool that not only tells you how many computers are connected but also gives you the power to block unknown computers. Download freeware Who is on My WiFi from here and install it. This tool, like Wireless Network Watcher and Zamzom Wireless Network Tool, will show you who all are using your WiFi. The free version of Who Is On My WiFi is enough to know what all computers are connected to your WiFi and to block unknown computers.

The first time you run “Who is on My WiFi”, it scans the network for all the computers connected and provides you with many details including their last IP address and MAC IDs. This is important as you can verify if all computers are yours – using the MAC ID of each machine.

NOTE: The Scan Now button is in the main window of the software. Do not get confused; check the top right corner of the program window.

How to know who is on my WiFi

Also, note that the program will notify/show only the computers that are currently connected to your router/WiFi. If any computer is switched off, it won’t be shown. Make sure all your computers are ON before running the scan.

IMPORTANT: You will see one additional row in the results dialog box. That is your router. You will know because when you try to block it, the software will tell you “you cannot block your router”.

You can then name the computers if they are not already named using the computer name from Windows Installation. Remember to click SAVE else you will keep receive warnings about unknown computers. When you click the X button to close the program, it keeps running in your system tray to keep monitoring if any unknown computer connects to your WiFi.

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TIP: To know the Mac ID of a computer, open Adapter Properties (under Networks and Sharing), and hover your mouse over CONNECT USING.

Thus, I have tried to tell you how to secure WiFi using the router configuration page as well as through third-party software – and also how to know how many and what all computers are connected to your WiFi – using “Who is on My WiFi” software.

If you have anything to share, please comment.

Date: August 5, 2018 Tags: Security, Wi-Fi

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Who s On My Wifi: поиск воров вайфая в домашней сети

Приветствую на нашем портале! В этом кратком обзоре я рассмотрю программу Who Is On My Wifi, которую часто используют для мониторинга подключения сторонних устройств к вашей домашней сети. Но обо всем уже ниже.


Самое главное, что умеет программа – сканирует вашу сеть, находит все устройства, подключенные к ней в данный момент, и отображает список всех подключенных устройств вам. В дальнейшем при подключении кого-то нового к сети появится оповещение.

  1. При первичном сканировании – отображает подключенные устройства.
  2. При мониторинге – следит за новыми подключениями и выдает оповещения.

Многие пишут про блокировку чужих девайсов – но на практике такое реализуется исключительно через роутер. Но выявить воров и злодеев таким способом вполне можно.

Who s On My Wifi: поиск воров вайфая в домашней сети

P.S. Программа распространяется как условно-бесплатная, в полной версии по заявлению производителя все-таки функция блокировки имеется. Лично не проверяли за ненадобностью, используемый метод не выяснен.

Если вам не подошла эта программа, то у нас есть полная подборка методов по устранению тех, кто самовольно подключен к вашему вайфаю. ЧИТАЕМ ЗДЕСЬ.

Да и вообще, предлагаю один раз увидеть все в процессе работы, чем читать бесконечные тексты:


Если старенькая программа выше была доступна исключительно на ПК под Windows, то в Play Market было найдено одноименное приложение «Who is on my wifi».

Судя по скриншоту ниже – функционал тот же самый (да чего тут еще придумывать то):

Who s On My Wifi: поиск воров вайфая в домашней сети

На этом и закончу. Краткий обзор доисторической программы выдал, ссылку на полную статью по выявлению нарушителей вашего личного пространства с современными методами и программами дал, аналог на Андроиде нашел. Всем до скорых встреч на нашем портале WiFiGid! Свои мысли и вопросы можно писать в комментариях ниже.


How To See Who Is Connected To My WiFi

Have you noticed your WiFi working slower than usual? Before digging into how to boost your signal and improve WiFi performance, find out who is connected to your WiFi network.

Many devices in your house could be connected to your WiFi network, like laptops, smartphones, tablets, as well as smart bulbs, and home assistants. However, it could just be strangers logging in that’s causing your WiFi signal to lose speed.

There can be many different reasons why you’d like to know what devices are connected to your WiFi. Luckily, it’s an easy check. There are two ways you can go about this: Through your router’s web interface, or using network scanning software. For better results, try both ways and see if you find the same connected devices on the list.

See Who Is Connected To WiFi With Your Router

Your best option is to check your wireless router. You can do it in just a few minutes and don’t need to download any third-party apps to perform the check.

One thing you need before you do this is your wireless router’s IP address.

How to Find Your Router’s IP Address

In order to log into your router’s web interface, you’ll need to open a browser on any of your devices that are connected to your router. Then open a new browser tab and type your router’s IP address into the address bar.

Most routers have a default IP address of or If you tried typing both of them into your browser and neither of them works, you can find your router’s IP address on the backside of your wireless router.

If you’re still not sure what your router IP address is, there are a few more ways to find it. Some are more complicated than others.

The easy way to do it on Windows is by using the Command Prompt utility. When you launch the utility, type the ipconfig command and press Enter.

From there, you’ll find your IP address under Default Gateway.

On Mac, click on the WiFi icon in the menu bar and choose Open Network Preferences.

In your Network settings, choose Wi-Fi from the left-side menu and click Advanced in the bottom-right corner of the window.

Then choose the TCP/IP tab in the next window. There you’ll find your IP address under Router.

How To See Who’s Connected To Your Wifi Network

Now that you have your IP address, open a new browser tab and type it in. This will take you to the router’s login page. Some routers will have admin and password as the default login credentials.

Alternatively, you can find those details on the backside of your router together with the IP address. If you have changed that previously, enter your new details to log in. If you don’t remember your username and password, you can reset the router and then use the default credentials to log in.

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After you log in, you’ll need to navigate to the list of connected devices. Depending on your router, this information could be located in different places.

Some routers will have all the devices listed on the main page under WiFi.

On D-Link routers, you have to go to Status tab and find Wireless Clients to get the list of the devices.

On Verizon routers the section you need is called My Network. While on Netgear, you need to look for Attached Devices.

No matter what router you’re using, the list of connected devices normally offer the same information. You’ll see some sort of table that includes the hostname and MAC address for every device on the list.

When you see a device you don’t recognise, your first intention will probably be to boot it off your network. However, before you do that, make sure to check whether it’s actually a stranger feeding off your WiFi, or one of your devices that you simply didn’t recognize. A good way to do this is to compare the device’s MAC address from the list to the MAC addresses of the devices you own that could be connected to your wireless network.

Use a Network Scanner To See Who’s Using Your WiFi

Using your router’s web interface is the ideal way of checking who’s connected to your WiFi. However, there are other methods you can use. If your router doesn’t offer an option to see the list via its web interface, you can download software to your computer that will scan the WiFi network you’re using and list the connected devices.

There are quite a few different network scanners out there that you can use. To name a few tools that have proven its worth, we recommend LanScan for Mac, SoftPerfect for Windows and Mac, and Angry IP Scanner for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The only downside is that these apps will only list active devices – the ones that are currently online. That means you won’t see any devices that are currently offline on the list.

Secure Your WiFi Network

In a situation where you need to give someone access to your local network, there’s a safe way to do that. At the same time, if you’re worried about someone hijacking your WiFi, it’s time to secure your network. Doing this will keep anyone from using your internet connection to perform malicious acts. It’ll also give you peace of mind.

Have you ever checked who’s been using your WiFi? What tools did you use to do that? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

Anya is a freelance technology writer. Originally from Russia, she is currently a full-time Remote Worker and Digital Nomad. With a background in Journalism, Language Studies, and Technical Translation, Anya couldn’t imagine her life and work without using modern technology on a daily basis. Always looking out for new ways to make her life and location-independent lifestyle easier, she hopes to share her experiences as a tech- and internet-addict through her writing. Read Anya’s Full Bio


How to Check Who is connected to My WiFi

How to Check Who Is On My WiFi Network

Everyone connected to the internet using Wi-Fi and mobile network as well. To make a secure home wifi internet you must know who is on your wifi. You cannot stop the range of wireless signals from spreading out but you can monitor who is connected to wi-fi. There are several methods to check who is connected to my wi-fi router.

You must aware of ways to know who is on your wifi whether using a mobile hotspot or Broadband internet connection. To preventing miss use of hotspot internet keeps monitor connected device information on wifi internet. You may search several times to know who is on my wifi if not get a satisfactory method then now you are in the right place. In this post, we will explore all the possible and simple ways to check who is connected to your Wifi internet.

Methods to Know who is connected to my wifi router

Know the list of the connected client in the Wireless router and Lan internet can be checked using a direct router and third-party software. Find a way to check who is using WiFi without software.

1: Check Connected Client List on ADSL Router.

4: Mobile Hotspot Client List ( for Mobile Hotspot).

1: WiFi user connected List

To check who is on my network using the router is admin method. This method need admin login credential to check who is using internet from WiFi and Lan also. You can see who’s connected to my wifi after login wireless router. Follow the steps to know the total connected device to your WiFi Network.

Who is connected to Beetel 777VR1 VDSL router

Open Your Wifi router IP Address (see the backside of the router for IP Address and login username password).

  1. Go to Setup
  2. WLAN-Basic
  3. Show Active clients
  4. Active Wireless Client Table

how to check network connection

Find the connected user to Wi-Fi device.

Tenda ADSL Wi-Fi router Connected user List

Follow these steps to check the user connected in the Tenda ADSL Router.

To check Tenda wi-fi connected user list

Login Tenda ADSL with and admin/admin username password

Go to Device Info

DHCP – See the list of all active users in the network.

You can access your Wi-Fi router to get a list of all active users in the Wi-Fi network using the above steps.

how to tell if someone is using your wifi

2: IP scanner

IP Scanner is a tool to analyze IP Addresses obtained by the device in the network. It is quite a simple way to know who is using wi-fi internet in your network without login the router.

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Connect Wi-Fi Or LAN cable from the Wireless router.

Run IP Scanner and see the all active mobile and PC in your router.

Type the IP Address starting IP and Last IP of your Network.

Click the Scan button.

To find out who is on my wireless network using IP Scanner or Network is the most simple method and does not require any login privilege.

3: Network Scanner Apps

There is a number of free network scanner apps available for Android and iOS smartphones. You can simply know who is connected to the hotspot wifi router using apps without a login router.

Download Network Sanner and run.

Note: your phone must be connected to the Wireless router you want to check who is connected.

How To Check if Someone is Using Your WiFi

4: Who is connected to Mobile Hotspot?

If you use a Mobile hotspot then you should check how many users connected to the mobile hotspot. Always confuse about why mobile speed slow and not aware of who is using my wi-fi.

Go to Mobile Settings

Portable hotspot– Go to hotspot setup and see the connected user.

You can also find a lot of free network scanner tools which can help you to get detail about the connected user in the list. Network tool can simply check Who is On My WiFi hotspot internet or 4G hotspot internet as well.


Who is connected with my wifi

It’s not uncommon to find that a lot of people are using your Wi-Fi network without your permission. Just because it isn’t uncommon doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating to have to share your Wi-Fi. With that said, it’s important to make sure that you’re keeping a close eye on who’s using your Wi-Fi. Even if you’re not trying to weed out Wi-Fi leeches, knowing who’s using your Wi-Fi can help you keep track of Internet speeds and data usage. Who Is On My Wifi by IO3O LLC is a utility tool that lets you check who’s using your Wi-Fi.

The Positives

This program has one job, and it does perform its purpose well. Installing the software was a painless process, so once you download the installer file and run the program, you’ll be able to use it immediately. Typically, you’ll be taken to a Wizard mode where the program will walk you through the process of using the program.

Finding out who is on your Wi-Fi is an easy process. All you have to do is click scan now and Who Is On My Wi-Fi will scan your network for all of the devices connected. The scan takes a few minutes, but the list of results the program gets is quite comprehensive so it’s worth the wait.

The program also possesses a lot of features that users will appreciate. One such feature is being able to schedule scans. Who Is On My Wi-Fi automatically scans your network every few minutes. You can also set the frequency of these scans. You can choose to set the program to scan every 2 to 10 minutes. This is great because it allows you to check your network frequently and without having to go through a lot of trouble.

The Negatives

Probably the biggest issue with this program is the fact that the design isn’t very good. It has a dark blue and white color scheme. While that in itself isn’t bad, what’s really painful to the eye is the bright yellow highlight that they chose to use for the devices after you scan your network. Additionally, it’s a bit annoying to have to manually change the networks from UNKNOWN to KNOWN. Finally, the fact that notifications have both a Windows pop-up and a voice notification is unnecessary and frustration. All that said, none of these things are terrible enough that it would shy users away from the program. It’s still perfectly acceptable.

Good at What It Does

Who Is On My Wifi’s purpose is to help users find out who is using their Wi-Fi and it certainly performs its duties well with speed and efficiency. The design of the software could have been a little better. However, it is ultimately not terrible enough to be a deal breaker. The useful features that the program possesses more than makes up for the unfortunate design choices. If you want to keep an eye on who’s using your Wi-Fi network, go ahead and use this program. It definitely won’t let you down.

Author’s review

Find unknown computers on your network.

Find any rogue laptops on your corporate network, and do something about it. Who Is On My Wifi will show you every computer on your network, notify you about the new computers, and allow you to block the intruders. Is someone using my wireless? Are employee’s plugging in home laptops on the corporate lan? Find out now with Who Is On My Wifi. It is an ideal internal security network monitoring system for your small to medium sized business.

Who’s On My Wifi has the highest quality hardware intruder detection engine of any software available. When you add this to the new blocking feature which effectively disables an intruder on your network, it’s first class software that is truly one of a kind.

People who are concerned about their networks security are our happy customers. This doesn’t mean hackers though. It’s really for Network Admins, aspiring Network Admins, people who work in IT, and people who are the tech support of their household